About Us

Paramount Potentials has more than 30 years in the employee selection and development business.  We assist organizations in selecting, onboarding, developing and retaining high potentials.  By creating and implementing hiring and development practices that foster a positive and healthy work environment, we consistently fulfill our mission to increase an organization’s overall productivity and financial success.


Using scientifically researched assessments, Paramount Potentials helps organizations select candidates with the highest performance potential.  We work alongside Human resource managers, recruiters and talent management professionals to implement and administer pre-employment testing and employee development assessment solutions.

Our Experience

Led by industrial/organizational psychologist and Certified Professional Coach, Dorene Burkhalter, Paramount Potentials delivers a highly specialized approach to business partnerships by providing clients with the exclusive training and knowledge that very few in the assessment consulting business can claim to possess. 

Simply put, I/O Psychologists are highly trained in statistically-reliable psychometric assessment design and analysis, employment law and ethics and the human factor of organizational effectiveness.

When a business leader works with Paramount Potentials. they quickly realize that we provide more than a service.  We protect businesses from legal and financial risk and ensure a cost-effective, statistically-predictive and legally sound selection and testing process.

People Who Love Partnering with Us

All of our associates are happy to brag about our services and how we have been a part of their people success!  Just a few of our clients include: