HR Consulting

We have been instrumental in assisting organizations by partnering with their Human Resource department to improve the quality of services provided to their employees and thus advance their Employer of Choice standing.

Our approach starts with a needs/gap analysis followed by recommendations which cover planning, testing, implementation, and evaluation. For cross-functional initiatives, the ADKAR change model is also taught and implemented to ensure change methods are embraced and solidified.

Client projects have covered the gamut of HR deliveries, such as re-designing selection, competency-based  performance management, succession planning, and employee development systems.


When it comes to making your selection process efficient, predictively effective, and cost conscious, we take the topic of selection very seriously.

We know selection is a science that we can help you perfect!

From how you present your organization and open positions to attract candidates to on-boarding the new hire and every selection step in between, we have helped our customers improve their selection process which ultimately reduces employee turnover and increases employee engagement.